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Cristal Controls DMX-4016 Relay Control Scanner


*For Use With WR-6161-CC Relays, SOLD SEPARATELY

*Designed For Use With Panasonic WR-6161, Douglas WR-6161 Relays, Matsushita WR-6161 Relays, And Gentec KR-6161 Relays. Please Contact Us For Compatibility With Older Relays That Have No MOV Integral To The Relay, A Special DMX-4016-MOV Version Will Be Required.


  • The DMX-4016 Relay Scanner Can Control Up To 16 Mechanical Or Electronic Relays
  • 16 Relay Outputs Are Controlled By Using The DMX-512 Protocol
  • Up To 3 Relays Can Be Connected To Each Output On The DMX-4016, For A Maximum Of 48 Relays (16 x 3)
  • DMX-512 Protocol Streams The Value Of Each Relay Output, For Ease Of Use With DMX-512 Controllers
  • DMX-512 Controller Or Console Not Included
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  • 18VAC To 27VAC Voltage (24VAC Is Optimal) HALF WAVE
  • Current Consumption 60 mA
  • Operation DC Pulse
  • Operating Temperature -20C to 45C
  • Certification CSA Canada & US
  • Cristal Controls Is A Canadian Manufacturing Company, For Over 25 Years.  Products Are Shipped From Kitchener, Ontario
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