With a special focus on providing environmentally sustainable energy solutions to the electrical engineering community,  Arclight Controls has supplied hundreds of Lighting Control systems to the Canadian construction industries’ most demanding installations.

Arclight Controls is proud to be the Representative and Distributor for Cristal Controls Ltd. Lighting Control solutions across Ontario, including the world class (formerly Gentec) Kameleon Series of control products.

In 2019, Cristal Controls Ltd. purchased the Gentec Kameleon line of lighting control products.  Cristal Controls is now one of the largest manufacturers of lighting control products in Canada.  Cristal is a Canadian manufacturer of long-lasting, reliable energy solutions since 1994. Based in Quebec City, Cristal Controls manufactures customized products in the state-of-the-art electronics, SCR, and energy management sectors. Cristal Controls is a market leader in lighting control innovation, with long standing corporate commitments to Quality, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.

Serving the Ontario Electrical Industry from locations in Toronto, Kitchener, and Milton Ontario, Arclight supplies low voltage lighting control systems, relay panels, dimming systems, occupancy sensors, daylight controls, photocells, power packs, digital switches, low voltage switches, wireless controls, BACnet lighting controls, LONWorks Echelon, and DALI lighting controls to electrical engineers, distributors, contractors and electricians.

Specializing in advanced lighting control systems with mobile device, computer laptop/PC, web server, and and BAS front end controls, Arclight Controls provides the expertise to supply, program & commission smart, integrated building systems.

With full service inventory and support from locations across Ontario, Arclight Controls employs the most experienced factory certified field technicians, to bring all projects to successful completion.